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Waste Reduction Week

Waste Reduction Week began yesterday, this cause is very close to our hearts.

Every project we decide to take on has few points to consider:

- is it sustainable to manufacture?

- how environmentally friendly is to use and dispose of?

- can we as individuals and as a society afford it?

However, this philosophy and way of thinking shouldn't end in the office environment. Now is the time that we must all make small changes in our lives to help ensure our own future and the future of our children, grandchildren, and all future generations. When we ALL make small changes like picking up plastic garbage and recycling it, driving 60 mph (100 km/hr) instead of 70 mph (120 km/hr), using LED light bulbs that last 25 years and use 50% less electricity, and eating smaller portions of meat, we can collectively make a HUGE difference. Take a look at our latest video that highlights the ways that you can reduce your own carbon footprint each and every day, with small actions.

There are many innovators worldwide that are creating solutions to the waste problems our ecosystems are facing, and to help to solve the environmental challenges.

However, you don't need to be a scientist or great innovator in order to contribute to the waste reduction. You personally can make this change, not just for one week, but turn this thinking into a lifestyle approach.

Check out this week’s events appearing in your community, perhaps with a charity clothing drive or a reuse day at your local waste facility.

We at Omachron don't sit on the side lines and this year, our contribution to this cause include a few new innovations.

Wednesday has been named Innovators day and we have chosen it as the day to introduce our new light bulb. Yes, we have re-invented the light bulb! This will prove to be a great solution to reducing waste once your light bulb has burned out. This type of the bulb reduces metal, plastic and e-waste, with the ultimate plan to eliminate disposable bulbs.

We also believe that we have developed a real, tangible way to reduce the plastic waste in our oceans, rivers and land field.

On Thursday's Plastic and Packaging day we will be showing our low impact paving tiles, they will help to fill our aquifers, which would help prevent a shortage of fresh water in different parts of the world.

Omachron extruder and injection molding systems will allow municipalities and businesses to produce plastics in a very small industrial space (the equivalent of a two car garage in size), and it is very energy efficient. For more information, you can check all the benefits of these systems here.

Injection molding machines can also mold 100% mixed plastic into building materials, low impact paving tiles, with many more possibilities. Due to this small equipment size, low capital cost and other benefits these systems are a great contributor to the circular economy . The same system can mold 100% post-consumer plastic into building materials and other products locally. They will be commercially available in 2020.

All our innovations thrive to become "Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future®, and we are enthusiastic about the potential for change in this world as a result of our hard work and ingenuity.

Do you have an exciting environmental innovation? Have you been more conscious about purchasing products with eco-friendly packaging? Let us know what you have planned for waste reduction week.

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