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Technical Solutions

01. Leading Edge Equipment and Processes

The Omachron® technical team has cross-disciplinary research, development, and manufacturing experience gleaned from over 43 years of working in industry. This work has culminated in many successful products and processes, protected by patents. Some of these technologies are used by various Omachron® companies for manufacturing and distributing ultra-efficient LED lighting; plastic, metal, glass and ceramic recycling; alternative energy, water and wastewater treatment; improved crop growing; and much more.  

In addition to purchasing products or process equipment, you can also directly leverage our scientific and engineering knowledge, practical manufacturing experience, intellectual property expertise and patents through our consulting services.

02. Bring Us Your Technical Problems

We have unique technical and manufacturing experience which, combined with our unorthodox world view, can allow us to provide you quickly with simple solutions to complex technical problems, or to address your new-product needs in weeks to months, not years. And our fees are primarily based upon our delivering a viable solution.  

We don't develop just concepts - we develop commercially viable, sustainable solutions that minimize energy, materials, and pollution, and maximize the product or process life cycle.  We ensure the ability to recycle at the end of product life, and build solid patent protection to keep you competitive

03. License Our Technology From Non-Competing Industries

Our IP portfolio of trade secrets, know-how, and over 650 granted and 400 pending patents developed over 43 years enables us to license you technology in a wide range of fields. 

For example, a cyclone separation system initially developed and licensed for air purification in a closed flighting vehicle can also be licensed for use in a vacuum cleaner or for separating fine gold from sand in placer mining.  This enables clients to leverage our practical experience with the technologies being used to solve their technical needs, thereby minimizing the technical risk, costs and time associated with developing and commercializing a new technology.

04. Let Us Design Around Your Patent Barriers

Are your corporate growth and innovation being limited by patents in your marketplace? 

Our cross-disciplinary research, development, and manufacturing experience, unorthodox world view, and extensive patent expertise often allows us to quickly provide simple, practical technical solutions to work-around existing intellectual property which are themselves can be protected by new patents. Our fees are primary based upon success. 

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