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  • Wayne Conrad

Not all Molds are Created Equal

Many companies design and build injection molds by a standard production means. This facilitates efficient, high-volume production within a limited range of part sizes and weights This is a good approach for large-volume production and for when conventionally molded parts meet strength and durability requirements.

However, if you desire parts made from 100% recycled material, or parts with little or no internal stress, high dimensional accuracy, ultra-miniature detail, heavy walls or high part weights, or if you just need smaller production volumes that fall outside the range of what injection molders offer, then Omachron is the place to turn.

Aluminum Mold
Aluminum mold - part 6.5"x10", 3.1 oz (88g) for customer needing 50 - 100 parts per year; mold cost $900 US

Omachron has developed a wide range of mold-making techniques allowing it to tailor the mold, and therefore its cost, to the size of the part and the volume required. To accomplish this, we utilize a wide range of non-metallic materials as well as aluminum, iron, steel or stainless steel. As well, we provide a variety of surface treatments and can inject multiple materials into a part or create layered sections.

Here are a few examples of how our specialized, mold-making processes and equipment can meet the needs of different clients for part-sizes and volumes:

1. You have a great new idea for a product.

The one part is 12" x 16" x 2" deep and the other is a cover with a bezel. You plan to mass produce large volumes in China.

You only need 20 samples molded in fire-retardant ABS to show to your investors and to submit to CSA or UL to accelerate the product launch. We are able to tool up the 2 parts for under $14,300 USD.

We are able to produce 20 samples for a cost of $215 USD each for a total cost of $18,600 USD, approximately $930 USD per part. This accelerates the project by 6 months.

2. You have a great new idea for an auto accessory which is 72 inches long, 8 inches wide and 1 inch thick with ribs and supports.

The part is made of polycarbonate and weighs about 19 pounds (304 ounces). You expect to sell only 15-20 per month but at $500-$800 per part if you can make it reliably. The cost of tooling for a conventional injection mold is impractical. We are able to make the associated tooling for approximately $19,000 USD and are able to offer a part for approximately $194 USD in batches of 15 per month. On this basis, the parts selling for $500 USD each amortize the mold cost in a little over 4 months, creating a viable business for the small company.


You have a family of 6 parts that are each about 12 inches diameter, 24 inches long, and weigh 20 pounds in a plumbing-grade PVC. You need 10 parts per day of each part, approximately 50 parts per week, 2,600 parts per year. Your cost and logistics associated with shipping are a major barrier to expanding from a regional to national business. We can use our specialized mold-making techniques and offer you compact, energy-efficient, low-cost equipment to enable you to produce your product at 6 locations throughout the country. This enables local production for local consumption, eliminates shipping barriers, and gives you a national presence comprising 6 regional businesses.

In each of these cases, Omachron Technologies tailors its selection of tooling materials and production techniques to optimize your competitive edge.

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