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A Spark of Light

Our technologies are acknowledged by many industry experts as innovative and sustainable. We were honored to be featured in The Spark, Durham Region’s technology and innovation magazine. Lisa van de Geyn from The Spark joined us for a conversation to learn more about our LightCard™ light bulb technology. In the article she captures a summation of our ongoing research and development in plastics and energy, as well as a sneak peek into what to expect from our research in the future. Our work in Durham Region has been extensive for over 40 years and we are passionate about continuing to innovate and improve the energy sector.

We are confidant you will enjoy the article. Take a look on page 24 of The Spark’s winter issue for the full feature. We regularly share insights into our technology on our YouTube site, please view our most recent video and subscribe for new releases.

If you would like to be informed about the release of our LightCard™ light bulb, we are happy to do so. Please fill out our form and we will send you the release date when it becomes available.

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