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Our Commitment To YOU During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Everyone at Omachron® is very concerned about how the COVID-19 virus crisis has unfolded.


Motivated by our concern for our staff, customers, community, and the world at large, the technical team at Omachron® have applied the vast technical experience they have gained over the past 41 years in helping to solve this global problem.  We have embarked on the development of new masks that will prevent people from getting sick, new methods for disinfection, and new low-cost ventilators.

A few different models of reusable face masks and full-face masks will be ready for prime time in the next few short weeks. We are currently in a process of tooling and finalizing filter modules to provide 10x better particle capture efficiency than a traditional N95 mask for both the wearer and other with bi-directional filtration, and a breathing assist system which makes breathing as easy as not wearing a mask.  Filters will last 250 hours to 500 hours of use before a new filter module is needed. 

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May 20th 2020

Filter media and components design and testing are completed

Key features of the fan assisted filtration system:

1.  The user replaceable filter module includes durable water repelling Teflon main filter media which provides 99.0% at 0.1 microns, which is smaller than the COVID 19 virus which is 0.12 microns.  This filter can be rinsed with water and reused for about 520 hours which is 3 months of use.

2.  The filter module also incorporates a user replaceable, washable, pre-filter media which protects the main filter from larger bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, pollen, dust and other airborne particles thereby extending the life of the main filter.  

3.  The unique system design filters both the air that you breathe in and the air that you breathe out thereby protecting you, your family, and your community.

Many masks use an exhaust valve or other similar mechanism to release anything that you breathe out into the room.  

4.  The fan assisted breathing mode makes breathing through the mask as easy as breathing without a mask and provides a constant stream of fresh air to eliminate moisture or carbon dioxide buildup.


5.  The fan assisted breathing modules runs for about 9 hours on a charge, recharges from USB power, and can even run and recharge at the same time. 

6.  The back-pressure main filter and pre-filter combination is so low that even with the fan assist off, breathing with the mask is substantially easier than breathing through a standard N95 mask or N95 respirator.

7.  The unique downward facing air intake and exhaust prevents the spray of particles onto your filters if people cough or sneeze.  It also prevents rain from getting on the filters. 

8.  The smooth exterior surface of fan assisted filtration system is easy to wipe clean and keep clean.

9.  The fan assisted filtration system can be easily detached from the filter mask for cleaning, maintenance, or replacement.  The filtration system is made of a durable, recyclable outer plastic shell and components including a replaceable battery rated for 500 to 700 recharge cycles, a fan rated for 20,000 hours of use, and electronics designed for 10,000 hours of use.  This filtration system is designed to last for many months or even years thereby saving money and minimizing the disposal of personal protective equipment to landfills.  

May 14th 2020


If you’re going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill

It is tough time for a lot of people out there, but life goes on and we sure hope that you, your family and friends do the best of it.

The world will slowly re-open and until there are vaccines or treatments, whether we like it or not, we will need to wear masks to many places we go. 

We said to ourselves: well, if this becomes our new reality for now, we need to make masks that are safe and comfortable.  Right now, N95 masks are hot, hard to breathe through, hurt your face and your ears, and help take the joy out of an outing! 

We therefore developed our high performance filtration masks to have comfortable seals and a breathing assist system to make breathing easy.

We are trying to make the masks more fun with funky colors - who knows.... this may become a fashion statement. 

We are using our Canadian made small injection molding equipment designed to allow small companies to quickly launch new products to actually launch our own new products.  We are becoming our own testimonial as we quickly ramp up production of our various mask models with a modest investment.   


Here are just 2 colors we started with - black and white (in addition to natural) as they seem to be the most popular.  We will be adding more colors soon.  Now you can match the color of your mask to your clothes, to the occasion, make it match, make it contrast, make it FUN! 


May 8th 2020

Face Mask - All 3 Sizes Are Off Tool!

Our amazing new masks are now off tool and we are ramping up for production.  These masks feature a number of patent pending features including:

1.  Wide , comfortable, durable seals made of closed cell, skin safe cross linked polyethylene foam which resists wear and tear including the harsh chemicals sometimes used to disinfect masks.

2.  The seal material can easily be modified by a user to improve the fit to their unique face shape and allow for glasses.  

3.  The complete seal of this mask eliminates the issues of glasses fogging which some masks suffer from. 

4.  The flexible seal design allow users to speak without breaking the seal.

5. The smooth exterior surface of mask and filter housing are easy to wipe clean and keep clean.

6.  The mask frame with its comfortable, durable seals, breathable wide straps and easy to use buckles can be reused for many months or even years thereby saving money and minimizing the disposal of personal protective equipment to landfills.  Omachron even has a system which allows the mask to be fully recycled.

7. The mask frame and its filtration systems manufactured locally for local markets making it more sustainable and providing a better security of supply during emergencies. 

Follow us for updates next week disclosing filter design and benefits.


April 27th 2020

Face Mask Is Off Tool!

We have continued testing and improving our N100 respirator which protects your airways, the N100 full face mask that protects your eyes, face and airways, and other unique PPE in parallel.  Both face mask and full face mask will be commercially available really soon.

The medium and large face mask sizes are now off tool using the compact, low cost Omachron plastic injection molding systems which allowed us to go from a 3D printed prototype to a more robust and durable product whose surface finish enables easier cleaning and reuse in just a week, with the third mask coming off tool on Wednesday Apr 29, 2020.  The photo shows the 3 sizes of grey colored masks which were prototyped using fused deposition modelling (FDM), and the 2 sizes of beige colored masks which are injection molded off tool. 

The pandemic has delayed the sale of the Omachron compact, low cost, energy efficient molding machines to the public because we have diverted the available machines to making pandemic supplies.  In the next few months, as our ability to supply filtration media, and a variety of protective masks reaches full capacity, we will again be able to make the equipment available for sale.  The needs of the pandemic have demonstrated the utility of our process to quickly take 3D printed prototypes into meaningful production quantities of more durable and robust products.  

April 15th 2020

Child's Size (Small Size) Full-Face Mask

Today we successfully molded our first child's size (small) full-face masks only 5 days after starting the tooling.  We now have 3 sizes off tool and we plan to start production in about 9 days when we receive production quantities of raw materials.   While children seem to be less effected by COVID-19 virus, we are not willing to take any risks with their health and we are concerned that many protective masks do not fit kids well.  A full face mask lets kids see and be seen while preventing them from touching their eyes, nose, mouth and faces, thereby becoming ill or potentially spreading the illness without ever showing symptoms.  We are also developing masks for kids aged 2 to 5 which is an important challenge with young children because they often have their hands in their mouth and faces which puts them at greater risk of disease.  And if the kids want to be astronauts for Halloween - they are all set :)

To summarize where this product is at in it's development:

- All 3 sizes are tooled and being tested;

- The perimeter face seal provides an excellent durable seal and is made of a material which has been tested to be safe on skin by an independent laboratory;

- The Filter cartridge is in it's last stages of development to make it 50% easier to breathe through than N95 masks yet having a superior filter performance of 99% at 0.1 micron, which is the size of the COVID-19 virus.

April 10th 2020


The Omachron team have been doing a larger number of tests to ensure that our nose/mouth masks, full face masks, and helmet systems properly seal to a wide range of users. 


In addition, we have been working on testing of our filter sealing system that ensures complete and visible seals on all filters.  This attention to detail and establishing a100% quality assurance protocol and testing system is critical before we start production so that users can have confidence in our products. 

Our unique sealing technology makes the seals of the mask visible for inspection both at the factory and by users after purchase to ensure that their mask is always properly sealed.    


April 7th 2020

Seal Material and Templates Finalized, Filtration System is Next

We have now completed the experimental development of a full face shield made of polycarbonate which seals to the face of the user using a 0.5 inch thick deformable foam that has been tested for Cytotoxicity-elution (MEM Extraction) per ANSI/AAMI/ ISO 10993-5:2009. We have also tested eight different filtration media and have selected four of these media for commercialization.

One filtration media chose is a hydrophobic washable PTFE HEPA media which offers 99.03% filtration at 0.1 microns which is over 5 times more effective than traditional N95 media. The second media offers 99.999% protection at 0.1 microns which is x5,000 more efficient than traditional N95 media.

The rigid frame of all of our masks combined with a wide, deformable seal provides excellent sealing for a wide range of users and reliable re-use of the mask day in and day out. 

The photo adjacent shows two of the masks without their filters attached.   

April 6th 2020

Medium and Large Size Full Face Mask

We completed the first production tools for the Large sized mask.

This mask should be suitable for people with and without glasses. Please note that this mask won't be suitable for people who need medium or small size and wear glasses but we are experimentally developing designs to meet these needs. Those requiring the small or medium size masks and who wear glasses will have product available in early May 2020.

April 3rd 2020

Medium Size Mask Tools Tested

We completed the first production tools for the medium sized mask which should be suitable for about 65% of the population. We are now doing testing and optimization and establishing quality control protocol, including 100% double inspection to ensure the quality of what we are manufacturing.

April 2nd 2020

Testing and Protoyping is Finalized

When the COVID-19 outbreak was initially reported in early January our technical team immediately went to work to design and experimentally develop several designs for optimized personal protective equipment that we felt would be needed in this outbreak. 

January through April was dedicated to CAD, rapid prototyping, ergonomic and functional requirements studies, filtration media testing, characterizing physical size vs performance, identifying types of materials to use for construction, and experimentally establishing reliable and repeatable methods of manufacturing.  These activities are now complete, specifications for materials have been established, tooling is being made and tested, and the transfer of R&D to manufacturing is in its final stages.  

Please do your part in this crisis by following the guidelines of your local government and the WHO. Following the steps below will help to ensure you stay safe.

  1. Wash your hands frequently;

  2. Maintain social/physical distancing;

  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth;

  4. Practice respiratory hygiene;

  5. Self-isolate if ill;

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The Omachron Team