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Sustainable Technologies For

a Better Future®

At the Omachron® family of companies, we combine imagination, advanced research, hard work, and a genuine concern for the future of our world to develop

"Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future®".


These sustainable technologies include unique plastic, metal, ceramic, and glass manufacturing processes - as well as novel recycling methods. Also included are ways to grow crops in all climates using less energy and water, plus new efficient ways to insulate, heat, cool, light, and power your home, to desalinate and purify your water, to cook your food, and much more.


The Omachron® team is at the leading edge of products and services that will allow current and future generations to live better.

The Omachron® Family of Companies

Omachron Companies
Science Inc.

The Omachron Science Inc. team has developed hundreds of technologies resulting in hundreds of patents over the past 43 years. 


This research spans a wide ranging of areas from water & wastewater treatment to alternative energy to growing crops to new manufacturing methods for plastics, metals, glass and ceramics. 

The Omachron® technical team can help solve technical problems, develop new products and processes, and offer licensing of IP.

Omachron Technologies Inc.

Omachron Technologies Inc. manufactures and distributes OEM components and complete systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Current products in production:

- control boards compatible with most thermostats and building automation systems for use in fan coils, furnaces, and air conditioners and can control heat recovery ventilators (HRVs)

- compact, low maintenance stream humidifiers for use in fan coils and furnaces.

Products in development include:

- Ultra compact low-cost fan coil

- Solar thermal or waste heat powered air conditioning system which only requires 31W of electrical power per ton of air conditioning


Plastics Inc.

Omachron Plastics Inc. manufactures the Plasti-Block™ line of blocks, rods, sheets and shapes for machining and prototyping.

Omachron Plastics also provides custom extrusion and injection molding services to make as few as 10 parts per month economically, and can mold large parts up to 200 pounds.  

Our unique, low-cost tooling and compact energy-efficient equipment enables us to compete with offshore manufacturing.  

We are bringing sustainable manufacturing back to every community.   


We help inventors, startups, and established companies quickly and economically take their ideas into production.  

Lighting Inc.

Omachron Lighting Inc. manufactures patented Unity® LED lighting products which consist of a permanent fixture & lens and a user-replaceable, LightCard™ LED insert.  


The Unity® bulb housing lasts a lifetime, and users only replace LightCard™ LED insert every 20+ years (based on 3hrs/day usage).

Benefits of this technology:  

- superior energy efficiency

- environmentally sustainable

- timeless aesthetics

- replace LightCard™ LED inserts any time to change the color or intensity

- solar power friendly

The reusable Unity® LED bulb & the superior efficiency replaceable LightCard™ LED inserts pay for themselves versus conventional bulbs over time and are better for the environment.




Omachron YouTube Channel


Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

Omachron Manufacturing Technologies Inc. manufactures low-cost plastic extrusion machines, injection molding machines, and related tooling.


This equipment can economically make 10 or more parts per month and can mold large, thick parts weighing up to 200 pounds!


This equipment is up to 95% smaller, uses up to 95% less energy, and costs up to 75% less than competitors.  

Omachron® goal is to bring sustainable manufacturing back to every community.   Whether you are an inventor working in you garage, a startup, or an established company, can quickly innovate and bring your products to market quickly and cost-effectively.  


Agricultural Products Inc.

Omachron Agricultural Products Inc. has been developing a wide range of products useful to a home gardener growing decorative plans and/or food to market gardeners and small scale farmer looking to “live off the land” and make a good living with 2 to 200 acres.

The product offerings being developed include:

- Compact and energy efficient hydroponic and aquaponic systems;

- Solar heating and cooling systems to optimize plant yields;

- Systems to safely clean and disinfect sprouts, leafy crops and vegetables;

- Low-Cost energy efficient lighting systems to reduce indoor growing costs by 50% to 90%.

- Electric Farm tractors and accessories to plow, harrow, weed, plant, and harvest a wide range of crops;

- Ultra compact low-cost systems to process and package crops to extend their shelf life and allow them to be sold. 

- Simple, low cost, easy to build and easy to operate growing houses in plan and kit form. 

More info will be available soon.
Recycling Inc.

Omachron Recycling Inc. converts waste plastic, aluminum & zinc into useful commercial products. Our current plastic recycling system converts used water & soft-drink bottles into durable household items such as drinking glasses, plates and bowls, souvenirs for tourists seeking locally items, and various building materials.


Omachron® recycling equipment is compact, uses up to 95% less energy than conventional recycling, and produces commercially viable finished goods making recycling/manufacturing feasible in large and small communities, including on islands.


Omachron® recycling diverts plastic from landfill and locally creates new useful products with minimal energy and minimal shipping.  Aluminum and zinc recycling-to-finished-products will begin in the near future.

Omachron® goal is to combine recycling with sustainable manufacturing in every local community.

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